Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why do I start business with iPhone...???

Why do I start business with an iPhone...???

iPhone become popular in Cambodia since 2010. before the year 2010 I remember during that time, not many people know about it. Price just high, difficult to find store or technician to fix the phone when it has problem. Software also no very popular because not many developer create the software.

After that, when Apple released iPhone 3GS then everyone around the world including Cambodian people start interest with using iPhone. However, the price in Cambodia is still high if compare to the price in the US and/or other countries. I first own my iPhone 3GS when I start buy it online on website eBay.com I bought the phone around $350 icluding shipping fee. I bring the phone to unlock with one shop in Phnom Penh. It was not the IMEI unlock but unlock thru jailbreak tools (version 3.1.3) and it cost me around $10 for unlock and software installation. Few days later I heard friends talking about buying iPhone at shop is very expensive, then I am thinking to sell off my iPhone. I post my iPhone to sell on website BongThom.com and wow...only few hours I got phone call, have someone interest with my phone and I offer $550 net. He just not say anything and buy it from me....YOU can imagine how much I happy to earn $200 in only few days.

I really happy with my first earning money....then I go again to eBay to buy another phone. I got other iPhone 3GS with the same condition and seller shipped to me from the US. 05 days later i received an iPhone and I am really happy and thinking I will earn another $200 in the next few days. 

Not like I'm thinking. This phone come with version 4.0 which is cannot jailbreak, that mean cannot unlock to use with any SIM card beside the AT&T. The phone can use as iPod only and I wait about 3 weeks for the jailbreak software to release. Now again, I make another $200 from that phone after unlock and sell online. 

This time I have money to buy two phones. I bought iPhone 3GS 16GB (Black) and 32GB (White). Not like before, this time I need to pay the customer fee which is $20 per phone....(this is an under table money to custom officer). The phone come with version 4.1 which again cannot jailbreak and/or unlock. This time I wait very long...about 02 months for the jailbreakme.com to release. During the waiting, I have played a lot on my phone and spent much money on the restore, fix...because I need to bring the phone to store and they keep charging me. 

Thanks to the store and make me try to google to get knowledge about iPhone. Google is the best tools for me to learn about iPhone, jailbreak, unlock, installation...in this 02 months I do the whole research on iPhone and yeah I got what I want.

After the jailbreakme.com released, I can unlock the phone and install software on it by myself including game, dictionary, Khmer font...

Then I start thinking to have a small business on iPhone.....

I start invest more money on this iPhone business, and the money is from my salary. Few week after (maybe in October 2011) the iPhone 4 released and now people again crazy with iPhone. I bought few iPhone 4 on eBay and few iPhone 3GS. The business with iPhone 3GS is still good but not with iPhone 4 because there is no tools to unlock or jailbreak iPhone 4 yet. It can be jailbreak but cannot unlock with version 4.1 (NOT modem firmware 01.59) 

Of cause, eventhough I can see some people still crazy with iPhone 4 because of the unique design. I can sell out iPhone 4 16GB black color, used condition at $750. My customer bought is to play like an iPod and waiting for the tools to unlock (which don't know when it comes)

The waiting is longer and longer than before....I remember it take about 11 months for waiting the unlock software but it does not come because Apple server is become strong now. Not stuck at that, the news about Gevey SIM layer is come and it can unlock all iPhone 4 from all countries. The Gevey SIM is very expensive when it first arrived (around $100 per SIM layer) but still have people to buy it to unlock their phone.

Start from March 2011, the price of Gevey SIM become cheaper and cheaper from $100 to about $8-$10 and this is a good time to sell iPhone 4 locked to Gevey. The price of the phone is about $550 (new) and $400-$450 for second hand; it's depend of phone condition and color. Mostly people interest with white color.

I just have a small store but i can sell up to 50 iphones per months and my income is around $2000 (double of my salary) but of course to do that business you need also know a lot about iPhone like, software jailbreak, installation, activate Gevey SIM, fix Cydia...

In year 2012, Apple allowed to unlock iPhone to be official. We can spend money around $100 to unlock our iPhone all model including iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S...

Price for unlock iPhone become lower to around $5-$8 per IMEI and then I start doing other business on iPhone unlock services. Business on selling iPhone is very hard, because there are a lot of shop in Phnom Penh now. They even sell online on listing website. 

Nowaday, Apple released iPhone 6/6+ so the service unlock is still good for me, even i cannot sell much. 

However, iPhone still having many issues with the services including, locked, SSN/Zip Code, iCloud link to Apple ID...so all these kind of services not many people in Phnom Penh, Cambodia know about that. I need to do more research online and have the expert knowledge in IT/Technology.

I can say I am lucky because I have basics knowledge in computer, so i can learn things faster. 

The purpose of writing this blog, is just want you to know that, starting business is can be anytime and any kind of business, but what you need to do is be honest with your clients/customers. I have a small store in Phnom Penh, but i still can have customer, the loyal customer...they always support me because they trusted me. 

Now, I have create the website and facebook page so that I can get people update about news and sharing information with them. Remember, to share what you learn and to share what is good to people and one day other will share with you. Be welcome, and honest.

Facebook: Khmer Sale


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